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Learn how to provide safety, clarity and structure in every sales conversation so more ideal clients say “yes” to working with you.

Experience less stress and more enjoyment from your sales process.

Refine your sales process with our proven ethical framework. 

Build your reputation by being recognized for the expert you are. 

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We serve attorneys, therapists, coaches, creatives, guides, consultants, financial & wealth advisors, futurists, industry leaders, and more.

The Ethical Sales Institute is dedicated to healing sales trauma globally: join the movement of Ethical Sales.

A message for you from our Founder, Marla Mattenson.

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Our Community of Ethical Sales Practitioners Share:

Kristen D'Amato

Founder & CEO

"Participating in Ethical Sales trainings over the past two years has completely transformed how I interact with everyone - personal and professionally. I feel way more at ease, myself, and confident because how I am selling is finally aligned with my values."

"I have a lot more confidence after taking Ethical Sales trainings. Learning Ethical Sales has placed me more in a place of receptivity, instead of fighting and striving with the competition. I truly believe in Ethical Sales."

Rich Satnam

Wedding Planning Specialist

Barry Selby

Relationship Coach

"I feel Ethical Sales is the cleanest and most aligned path to clients, and to respect and be aligned with my own work. I have (and am having) transformational and healing experiences far outside what I expected from being a member of this community, and I am grateful for all of it!"