Become Your Own Astrologer

Discover How To Read Your Own Chart And The Chart Of Others With Accuracy And Ease…

(And Even Make Extra Money Doing It!)

The world is crazy, chaotic and more ungrounded than ever before.

If you are sensitive, intuitive and empathic… it can feel difficult to separate what's happening in the world vs what you are actually feeling in your own life.

Astrology is a window into the soul of the world.  It’s a window into what is happening in the collective and in your own life. It can help you make sense of what’s happening for you, your friends and your relationships.

For big decisions and to better understand your life, you can always learn to consult the stars… Especially if you have anything coming up like:

  • Changing a career
  • Relationships
  • Wanting to know your purpose
  • Understanding yourself and your place in the world
  • Understanding others and why they are in your life
  • Clarity around why you feel the way you do (hint it can be connected to the planetary cycles)

Before you can use astrology well to guide your life, you need to learn the basics of how to read a chart, how to interpret a chart and how to put your charts with others...

It’s so empowering when you learn your own chart and can quickly look to see what cycles you’re in and how to utilize them, as well as being able to see:

  • Your Gifts, Life’s Purpose and Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Ideal Career Options that will allow you to express your gifts and feel deeply fulfilled
  • What your greatest opportunities for growth and healing are in this lifetime. Your Challenges, Karmas and ‘Core Wound’ – and how to work WITH them so the growth process is less overwhelming
  • Your Path in Love & Relationships (marriage, break-ups)
  • Compatibility With Others (including potential partners or your current partner

You can even help others with this knowledge!

It’s an ancient language we can all read & speak, we just need to learn how to in an easy & simplified, yet strategic way.

We believe it’s everyone’s birthright to understand their own chart and to see their own destiny…

Which is why we’ve teamed up with one of the best astrologers!

You may recognize her from the Rising Woman astrology posts…

She has taken everything she’s learned, her years of study & experience, combined with her gift for simplifying information and created Rising Woman’s first ever online astrology course…


Become Your Own Astrologer

A 6 week astrology course strategically designed to teach you the fundamentals of astrology in an easy way….so you can see the blueprint of your highest destiny, fall in love with yourself and read the charts of others (you can even start getting paid to read charts once you’ve mastered the skills!)

This is a self-study program. You can take it from anywhere in the world and do it at your own pace.

In this course, you will learn: