Living in High-Integrity

Are you ready to ignite the fire of extraordinary relationships that will revolutionize your personal and professional life? 

In our last email, we uncovered the power of redefining sales as the driving force behind human interaction. Today, we’re diving even deeper into The Ethical Sales Process (ESP) and how it can empower you to master the art of ethical sales and transform your connections into powerful alliances.

Prepare to unlock the secrets of Ethical Sales mastery with ESP, our groundbreaking framework here at The Ethical Sales Institute. It’s not just another sales tactic; it’s a way of life that cultivates authenticity, joy, and profound relationships to grow your network with ideal clients and growth opportunities through business friendships.

At the core of ESP rests The Trinity of Ethical Sales – three guiding principles that will shape your journey to success.


Imagine a world where people come first, where relationships are valued above any transaction. In the realm of Ethical Sales, the spotlight shines on building genuine connections. By genuinely caring about others’ needs and desires, we create an enchanting atmosphere of trust, safety, and understanding in every interaction.

Picture forming incredible connections that radiate throughout your entire life! It’s about nurturing a deep bond with yourself, your customers, friends, strangers, romantic partners, your company, the service you provide, and every aspect of your interactions. Placing Humans Over Transactions leads to meaningful, long-lasting partnerships instead of superficial encounters.


Get ready for a game-changer: Selling The Way You Serve. It’s a philosophy rooted in transparency, clarity, and integrity. By embracing this principle, you unleash the power of consent in your sales process, respecting individuals’ right to choose.

Bid farewell to manipulative tactics and embrace trust-building, permission-based interactions. Creating a safe and open space for everyone involved to express their needs and desires opens the door to deeper exploration of pain points and the potential for establishing ideal relationships based on understanding and alignment.


It’s time to celebrate choice! This principle empowers individuals to make decisions that feel right for them, free from pressure or judgment. Whether it’s a “yes” or “no” response, every choice holds valuable opportunities.

By genuinely celebrating someone’s choice, regardless of its outcome, you leave an indelible mark. Your kindness and generosity will be remembered, opening doors for potential future collaborations, referrals, and unexpected opportunities.

By wholeheartedly embracing the Trinity of Ethical Sales, you will craft a sales process that thrives on human connection, consent, and celebration. It’s an empowering approach that elevates your interactions with potential clients and reshapes how you engage with yourself, your company, and the world around you.

Imagine a world where every conversation crackles with authenticity, trust, and joy. With ESP as your guiding light, you will unlock enhanced communication skills, forge clear agreements, and meet others exactly where they are. It’s like a vibrant dance where everyone moves to the rhythm of respect and understanding!

So, %FIRSTNAME%, are you ready to ignite the flame of Ethical Sales mastery and witness the extraordinary transformation it will bring to your relationships, personal growth, and professional success?

Ignite your relationships and unleash your potential now!

With great love and kindness,

Marla Mattenson
Founder of the Ethical Sales Institute
Creator of the Ethical Sales Process
All Rights Reserved, Marla Mattenson Coaching & Consulting, Inc.
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