Revolutionize Your Sales with The 6-Step Ethical Sales Process!

Get ready to embark on a journey that will revolutionize your sales conversations and transform your business like never before.

In our previous email, we introduced you to The Trinity of Ethical Sales, the guiding principles that lay the foundation for extraordinary connections. Now, it’s time to put those principles into action through The 6-Step Ethical Sales Process.

Here’s the exciting part: The 6-Step Ethical Sales Process is not a rigid script. It’s like being a kid again, playing with LEGOs, mixing and matching the steps to align with the natural flow of your conversations. The more you delve into these steps, the more you’ll enjoy the process of refining and perfecting your sales approach.

Let’s dive into The 6-Step Ethical Sales Process (ESP):

Step 1: Reflection

Embrace the power of reflection. Evaluate your existing sales process and celebrate the areas where you’re already practicing Ethical Sales. Continuously reflect and uncover pain points where you can infuse even more Ethical practices, refining and improving your approach.

Step 2: Environment

Your environment matters. When your internal and external spaces are optimized, you can truly place Humans Over Transactions and Sell The Way You Serve. Creating an environment conducive to clarity and choice sets the stage for genuine connections and clear decisions.

Step 3: Consent

The gift of choice is invaluable. By empowering potential clients with the freedom to choose, you build trust and safety within your sales conversations. Gone are the days of forcing decisions; instead, create an environment where individuals can relax and make choices aligned with their needs.

Step 4: Objections

Objections are merely unmet needs. Addressing objections proactively transforms the conversation. By understanding and preemptively addressing objections related to time, money, doubt, or decision-makers, you demonstrate your commitment to meeting the client’s needs and building a solid foundation of trust.

Step 5: Confidence

Confidence is key. Boldly ask for the sale and seek a “clear yes” or “clear no.” Confidence ensures that both you and the potential client leave the conversation with absolute clarity, allowing the relationship to progress towards the next appropriate step. Embrace confidence and witness the transformation it brings to your sales process.

Step 6: Clear Choice

Celebrate clear choices. Recognize that a “clear yes” represents an immediate opportunity, while a “clear no” paves the way for future possibilities. Honoring choice creates raving fans and generates referrals that last for years to come. Celebrate the power of clear choices and nurture long-lasting relationships.

Time and again, I’ve witnessed service-based professionals completely transform their businesses through our online ESP Amplifier training program, mastering The 6-Step Ethical Sales Process. With enough companies embracing this way of selling, we have the power to revolutionize the business landscape.

Join the global movement of Ethical Sales Practitioners today and reshape the way sales are conducted, one conversation at a time.

Together, let’s activate the potential of ethical sales and create a future where meaningful connections and extraordinary results go hand in hand.

With love and excitement,

Marla Mattenson
Founder of the Ethical Sales Institute
Creator of the Ethical Sales Process
All Rights Reserved, Marla Mattenson Coaching & Consulting, Inc.
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