Why Do Sales Feel Dangerous?

Unraveling the Mystery

Let’s face it: sales can be a rollercoaster of emotions. The very idea of change can be daunting, and with the unknown lurking around every corner, it’s no wonder sales can feel dangerous. 

Fear not, I’m here to shed light on this enigma and help you navigate through with ease. 🙏

Past sales trauma and the history of sales have left many feeling defensive and guarded, even with familiar faces. Protecting their hearts from enthusiasm or manipulation, clients struggle to reveal their true needs. 

It’s our responsibility as business owners & salespeople to create a safe space to unlock the doors to authentic communication and understanding.

At the Ethical Sales Institute, we believe in the strength of safety.

Understanding clients’ genuine needs before offering your services is key. We’ll share valuable insights on how defensiveness in a sales conversation can be a positive quality, and how to embrace skepticism as an opportunity for growth.

In my social media post today I share about how to allow the “skeptic” to arise in a sales conversation and to allow them to express. This is one way to create safety in sales. 

Check it out here or here.

Let’s continue to unravel the mystery of why sales feel dangerous, and transform it into an empowering journey towards success. 📈

With hope & warmth,

Marla Mattenson
Founder of the Ethical Sales Institute
Creator of the Ethical Sales Process
All Rights Reserved, Marla Mattenson Coaching & Consulting, Inc.
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