We Created This Community To Fill 3 Gaps
(4 Minute Read)
Gap #1 The Trust Gap

I’m sure it won’t be a surprise when I tell you…

There’s an ever-widening “Trust Gap” in today’s marketplace.

LinkedIn Reports:

In today’s business world, only 37% of buyers believe that salespeople are trustworthy.

When asked what qualities buyers value in a sales professional:

  1. Buyers describe the salespeople they ultimately do business with as trusted advisors.
  2. Buyers rank trustworthiness and transparency as the most important traits they’re looking for.

If only 37% of people come into a sales conversation trusting… that means 63% don’t!

In today’s world, trust is evaporating all around us. 

Between the news and social media, people don’t feel safe. 

Unfortunately, our prospects unconsciously bring that discomfort and mistrust into every sales situation.

And the trend is getting worse every day.

Think about your industry:  how are things trending?

Picture this…

You’re at an annual industry meeting with over 200 of your peers.

The speaker asks the audience this simple question:

“How many of you have ever felt uncomfortable in a
sales situation or sales conversation? Please raise your hand.”

How many hands will go up?

Hands Up

From our experience, almost everyone will raise their hand:

Some because they have felt uncomfortable as a buyer.

And even more because they have felt uncomfortable as a seller.

The fact is, most of us are not professional salespeople. 

And we don’t want to be.  

We are looking for a better solution.

Gap #2 The Solution Gap

Have you tried “If Only” solutions yet?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking…

“If only I could sidestep sales and focus solely on helping my clients. That would be wonderful.” 

It’s a common sentiment echoed by many professionals.

Picture this: 

You’re a dedicated professional – an attorney, doctor, therapist, CPA, financial advisor, gifted guide, or another expert. 

You’ve poured substantial resources and time into your education and training. 

Yet, this rigorous preparation overlooked an essential skill: Learning how to sell your services.

This solution gap leaves many professionals struggling to recoup their investment and manage their education debts. Remember how it felt when you started?

Solutions Gap

Many of us began practices with the hope and belief that “if you build it, they will come.”

The premise was inspired by the iconic 1989 Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams, implying that success will naturally follow if you “build it.” 

Or, in our case… open our practices.

But the reality of today’s business demands more: 

In a competitive world, we know our long-term success hinges on attracting and qualifying new clients. 

Yet many professionals balk at sales conversations, being untrained and uncomfortable in this arena.

Instead of seeking sales training, we resort to wishful if-only thinking and endless online searches for alternative solutions.

This pattern of If-Only Thinking manifests in various forms:

However, this approach only adds stress and frustration, offering thousands of options but no clear, proven strategy.

So let’s delve deeper:

What truly matters for your personal fulfillment and your business’s longevity?

Is it the quality or the quantity of your clients? 

Remember, successful business relationships are built on trust. 

Trust is often built with one-on-one intimate conversations.

As an empathic and intuitive advisor, your work involves deeply personal and confidential client interactions. 

Your reputation hinges on the success of these conversations.

Ask yourself:
“Even if I had all the leads and referrals I wanted,
Would that eliminate the need for sales conversations to maximize my income?”

How will you sift through all those people to find your ideal clients?

How will you determine their ability to afford and commit to your services? 

How will you know if they are going to be a time-sucking nightmare of a client, who takes your constant attention and pushes back on everything you try to do for them?

You’re not alone in this quest for answers; many have invested heavily in advertising, websites, and lead generation, hoping these tools would handle the sales aspects of our businesses.


But often, tools fall short because they don’t address the core issue:

Learning to ask the hard, but necessary questions.
And the ability to engage confidently and effectively in sales conversations.

Out of frustration, desperation, or by a logical process of elimination, a good number of us went looking for sales training. 

And if you’ve gone down that path, I’m sure you’ve noticed….

It’s hard to find Sales Training specifically designed for Tender-Hearted Leaders, Trusted Guides, and Confidential Advocates.

Gap #3 The Training & Safety Gap

We’ve researched hundreds of “Traditional Sales” training systems. While the majority may be great for big corporate sales departments to probe for pain, close transactional deals and fill their quotas… they just don’t fit us or our values.

Here’s a quick summary of some of our research:

What We Don’t Like About Traditional Sales Training:

» They usually focus on short-term gains, and closing the sale.
» They use generic sales scripts and one-size-fits-all strategies for every sales situation.
» They teach you to push for answers and probe for pain to manipulate the conversation.
» They don’t teach you how to deal with the Fear and Trepidation (that feeling of alarm or dread), that both buyer and seller feel in almost every sales situation!

What We Believe about Ethical Sales:

» We believe in developing long-term Trust Relationships.
» We believe in Tailored Solutions & conversations that are responsive to each client’s needs.
» We believe in Asking for Consent, at every stage of the conversation.
» We believe in the published science and research on creating mental & physical Safe Spaces, for both the Buyer and the Seller in every sales conversation.

These beliefs have created our Ethical Sales Process.

The #1 Thing We Dislike About Traditional Sales:
They Position You To Hide Your True Self

Our members report that before they learned our systems, sales situations made them feel like:

  • “I need to put on my sales face.”
  • “I feel like I’m wearing a mask, hiding my true self.”
  • “Sales are frustrating. I wish I could sell as authentically as I serve.”

No one should have to live their life held captive behind a mask!

We’re here to help you become as genuine and authentic in the sales part of your business as you are in the fulfillment part of your business.

We’ve proven there’s a better way: a way that makes us proud of who we are and how we serve our clients.

Join us on this journey of ethical selling, where relationships come first.