Sell High-Value Services To Ideal Clients Who Thank You For Your Business

Awaken your sales team and elevate your sales process by unlearning old practices and refining those that already work.

Sell High-Value Services To Ideal Clients Who Thank You For Your Business

Awaken your sales team and elevate your sales process by unlearning old practices and refining those that already work.


The Ethical Sales Process teaches sales teams how to build a high-integrity, ethical, and joy-filled sales practice through a process of refinement and improvement of their existing sales practices. ESP is based on cultivating long-term relationships with ideal customers rather than making short-term sales at any cost. While practicing ESP, you learn to treat customers with the kindness, generosity, and respect they desire while creating a win-win-win relationship for all parties involved.

Your Sales Process Will Never Be The Same

While traditional sales practices use high-pressure tactics and incomplete information to manipulate prospects into a sale, the Ethical Sales Process places the client’s needs over the transaction. 

Doing so eliminates the unethical consequences of traditional sales techniques that cause customers to feel misled and exploited.
When a team implements the Ethical Sales Process, they discover a new sense of joy and fulfillment as they serve ideal clients with integrity and respect. As you serve your ideal clients in this way, their satisfaction and loyalty skyrocket, leading to greater customer retention, employee fulfillment, higher earnings, and an outstanding professional reputation.
Consumers place an ever-increasing value on honesty and transparency in today’s marketplace, while workers across all industries are beginning to value a sense of fulfillment over salaries and commissions.

The Ethical Sales Process is a cutting-edge sales approach designed for high-integrity companies wishing to meet these demands.


Hi, I’m Marla Mattenson!

Over the past twenty-five years, I’ve built a career as an internationally recognized coach, working with leaders and their partners in love and business. I’ve had the privilege of guiding Academy Award-winning actors, producers and directors, NBA players and coaches, Grammy Award-winning artists, and millionaire entrepreneurs. My advice has been shared in The New York Times, Forbes, Oprah, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Entrepreneur magazine, amongst other outlets. Most recently, I formed a powerful relationship coaching business, The Intimacy Experts, with my love, life, and business partner Julain Colker.

Over the years, I’ve become really good at two things:

  1. Helping my clients to unlock passion, financial success, and unlimited joy throughout their lives.
  2. Selling my knowledge, skills, and services to begin working with those clients.

Yet, for the longest time, I served clients wholeheartedly and only earned a modest income.

While attending a weekend conference, I spoke with another participant over lunch who was charging nearly $10,000 for a 90-day program. The moment I heard this, I broke down in tears. As I listened to this person, I realized there was no difference between them and myself, but the only words that left my mouth were, “How do you do that?”

I learned exactly how to do it. I hired some of the top coaches in the industry and broke through my financial ceiling as a business and mindset coach. Not only did I begin charging similar rates, but I surpassed them and went on to charge tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Many would be thrilled if their story ended there, but mine certainly did not.

Every quarter, I take the time to ask my clients how they believe I can improve. After completing a round of these reflections, I had a striking realization. Nearly every client I spoke with mentioned experiencing some form of manipulation or intimidation while talking with me.

In essence, I had become a slimy salesperson, a reality entirely out of integrity with the woman I strive to be.
Once again, I had some profound changes to make. I took to the drawing board and began working intensely on my integrity as a salesperson. Eventually, I developed a sales process that allowed me to speak with potential clients in a high-integrity, ethical, and joy-filled manner. I put that process into practice and began seeing incredible personal and professional results.

I quickly realized this was the next major project I wanted to bring to the world, and the Ethical Sales Process was born.

Now, my mission is to share the Ethical Sales Process with as many businesses, sales teams, and individuals as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I sincerely hope to work with you and watch your business thrive!

Partners in love and growth,

Marla N. Mattenson, MA


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