Enrolling Ideal Clients

Why All of Life’s Trust Relationships Start with T.E.A.

Article 1 in a 4-Part Series Read the other articles in this 4-part series: In Business: Why You Need to Have T.E.A. BEFORE You Become a T.E.A.M. With Your Clients The Benefits of “Having T.E.A.” – Before Forming a T.E.A.M. with New Clients in Your Practice The 6 Biggest Ethical Reasons We Recommend The T.E.A. Before T.E.A.M. Approach for Personalized

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Transforming Sales Stress & Frustration

The Power of Understanding The 7 Client Personalities Sales can feel like a daunting mountain to climb, especially if you’re someone who dreads the very notion of “selling.” The fear of rejection, the unease of pushing someone into a sale, the anxiety of possibly appearing too aggressive… these are feelings many practitioners share. But what if the essence of sales

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Buyer Biographies – Unmasking the 7 Client Personalities

The Secret to Less Stressful Ethical Sales and Marketing Have you ever tried deciphering a language without knowing its alphabet? That’s precisely how sales and marketing can feel without a grasp of the different client personalities. The issue very few sales training address is that who you are talking to and their personality traits can change right in the middle

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