What Does Ethical Selling Mean to Us?

We believe in clarity, transparency, & personal choice.

And in that spirit, we want to tell you precisely what we mean by the phrase… Ethical Selling.

Before we get to that information, you should know:

  • We are not here to judge you or your personal values.
  • How you sell & operate your business is your personal choice.
  • And respecting every individual’s personal choice is one of our core values.

Let’s start the conversation by considering two foundational concepts,
Ethics & Ethos:

The word ethics derives from the Ancient Greek word ēthikos,
which is derived from Ethos, meaning character or moral nature.

Ethos relates to the habitual conduct & prevailing attitudes,
customs, & beliefs that characterize a community or an individual.

Our community evolved from our founder, Marla Mattenson’s navigation through her professional journey of helping people build or rebuild trust relationships — in the most emotionally charged parts of their lives.

…And from her life-long desire to create a combined Ethical Operating System for both her business & personal life… structured around three very personal, core elements:

— Her Values —
— Her Principles —
— Her Purpose —

“Because those three elements – guide my actions, shape
my decisions, & define me as a trusted confident & professional.”

Marla explain these elements this way:


  • These are the bedrock of my professional ethos.
    Integrity, empathy, & commitment to excellence are not just ideals; they are the guiding stars of my daily interactions & long-term goals.
  • They drive me – always to seek the best outcomes. Not just for myself but for everyone I interact with.
  • Whether I’m dealing with clients, colleagues, or stakeholders, these values ensure that my actions consistently reflect my deepest beliefs about what is true.

The 3-word explanation of our Core Values is…

Humans Over Transactions
(Meaning you put the relationship first… above the transaction)


  • These are the ethical guidelines that shape how I conduct myself in my professional life.
  • They act as my moral compass, directing how I approach my work & interact with others.
  • They keep me aligned with not just what is profitable or convenient – but what is ethically sound & just.

I want to share a few learning adventures I went through to discover the importance of these ideas.

Our communities’ actions are driven by these principles:
(Click here for a detailed explanation would go to 3 core principals)

Principle #1:
Our North Star or Guiding Light is called – The Trinity of Ethical Sales.

Principle #2:
When we encounter challenges, we look through The G.E.J.F. Lens
to see if more Grace, Ease, Joy, & Flow is available in this situation.

Principle #3:
Always create a Safe Space for both you & the person you’re talking to.


  • This is the driving force behind what I do.
  • Beyond just achieving professional success or meeting targets, my purpose is to make a meaningful impact through my work.
  • It’s about contributing to something larger than myself – whether it’s helping clients achieve their goals, advancing knowledge in my field, or supporting my team in reaching our collective objectives.
  • My purpose gives a deeper meaning to my daily tasks and long-term projects. Transforming them from mere responsibilities into opportunities for fulfilling my personal and professional aspirations.

This is our purpose:
To empower you with a new paradigm…

Where you feel as confident & comfortable
in the Sales Part of your business as you
feel in the Fulfillment Part of your business.

We’ll help you create Safe Spaces for you & your clients,
so you’re consistently creating Trust Relationships
in all of your sales conversations.

Together, these elements form the core of our personal operating system.

And they create our definition
of Ethical Sales:

Ethical Sales is a compassionate & respectful approach prioritizing human connections & trust-building over mere transactional interactions.

It embodies the principles of:

  • Humans Over Transactions  – treating each client as a person first.
  • Selling The Way You Serve  – ensuring the sales process reflects the same integrity and kindness as your client services; and
  • Celebrating Choice  – respecting each client’s decision, whether a Yes or No. Fostering trust & respect… while building your category-of-one reputation with every conversation.

This approach transforms the sales experience into a meaningful interaction
that aligns with the core values of empathy, integrity, & respect.

Creating a safe & positive environment
for both the seller & the client.

What are the 3 BIGGEST Benefits of Learning The Ethical Sales Process

You’ll have a personalized sales operating system  you love & embrace, that fits your ethos & personality.

  • You’ll feel safe in a sales situations.
  • The right words will naturally flow in your sales conversations… without needing a script.
  • You’ll never worry about dealing with objections or asking for a sale.
  • Self Doubt & Imposter Syndrome will never be an issue.
  • You won’t Feel Icky in sales conversations.

You can stop living a double life.

  • You’ll have the freedom to be your authentic self.
  • No more hiding behind a sales mask. You’ll be able to operate the sales part of your business with the same ease & integrity as you operate the fulfillment part of your business.

Your income increases & your stress goes down.

  • You’ll know instantly if you’re talking to an Ideal Client or a Lookie Loo.
  • Working exclusively with your ideal clients (who sincerely appreciate you & your expertise) lets you raise your rates.
  • Plus it gives you more time, freedom, & income to do what you love with the people you cherish.

The EXTRA advantages of clarity, transparency, & respecting personal choice…

Our business model is simple:

If you align with our values & principles.

And, if you want to personally experience how our systems & processes make your life easier & your business more profitable — you may want to take our sales training.

Obviously, the choice is yours.
Whether its a Yes or a No to our offers …
we’ll be happy either way.

That’s how ethical sales work.

You’re important to us.
Our goal is to establish & earn a long-term relationship with you.

Secret Gold

I Want To Tell You A “Surprising Secret”
(That explains why buyers & sellers are
magnetically drawn to Ethical Selling)

Our students have found that after implementing our intuitive Ethical Sales Process (fondly known as ESP)…

They get almost as many referrals from people who say No to their offers as from people who have said Yes!

— Think about that for a second.

  • Our students get high quality referrals from people they have never worked with.
  • Referrals from people whose ONLY experience with them… is an initial conversation.

Has that ever happened to you?
With your current sales system?

Our students report it on a regular basis.

Why Does This Happen?

Our Ethical Selling Process (ESP) is such a refreshing change from the norm.

Potential clients know they have been listened to and heard.

A genuine Trust Relationship is forged in the very first conversation.

They know they are talking to someone who cares about them and their personal results.

And even if the offer was not a perfect fit for them…

They know they have met someone who is a caring Trusted Advisor.

Someone who leaned in & helped them. Because it was the right thing to do.

And based on that first conversation they feel completely safe & comfortable in recommending that Trusted Advisor  to other people they know.

ESP is an amazing system!

We hope you try it – when the time is right for you.