The 3 Core Principles That Guide Our Ethical Sales Community
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We work with visionaries and entrepreneurs throughout the world so they can:

  • Prioritize human relationships over transactional relationships.
  • Increase their capacity and confidence to receive more in their business.
  • Sign and work with only their ideal clients.
  • Earn more with high integrity & ease.

We believe…

  • When entrepreneurs worldwide dare to express themselves wholly in kindness & love, they become beacons of light. 
  • And that light uplifts the world. 

What makes our approach unique is how we help our community members develop Safe Trust Relationships with themselves and their clients.

We normalize the challenges, dissolve the separation of right and wrong, and teach how to enjoy the hard times in service of growth & evolution. 

And we practice all this in our company, with our team behind the scenes, and in our personal lives.

Principle #1 The Trinity

This is – The Core Principle And Belief  that guides all our work and is the basis of our community.

  • It’s our North Star or guiding light.
  • Our Touchstone.
  • The Compass that gives our community and our movement direction.
  • A Benchmark we use to evaluate our tools, techniques, and advice.

We call it…

The Trinity of Ethical Sales.

A New Sales Paradigm for Tender-hearted Leaders,
Trusted Guides & Confidential Advocates.

Trinity of Ethical Sales

1. We Believe in Humans Over Transactions.

  • The cornerstone of Ethical Sales is Humans Over Transactions. 
    • Rather than merely closing a sale, this tenet emphasizes the value of human connection and building Trust Relationships.
    • It’s about understanding and valuing your potential client as a person first and as a revenue stream second.

2. We Believe in Selling The Way You Serve.

  • This principle encourages you to maintain the same level of kindness and integrity in your sales process as you do in serving your clients in the fulfillment part of your business.
    • This includes creating a Safe Space for BOTH you and your potential clients during the sales conversation for a clear choice to emerge.

3. We Believe in Celebrating Choice.

  • Whether a potential client says yes or no, we meet their decision respectfully. 
    • It is the ultimate display of honoring a client’s autonomy.
    • Our students often get referrals from potential clients who said No… because they established a Trust Relationship with them in their first conversation.

Our mission is simple…

To empower you with a new paradigm…
Where you feel as confident and comfortable in the Sales Part 
of your business as you feel in the Fulfillment Part of your business.

We’ll help you create Safe Spaces for you and your clients.
So you’re consistently creating Trust Relationships in all your sales conversations.

Principle #2 The G.E.J.F. Lens

When We Face A Challenge, We Embrace It, By Asking Ourselves:
Is More G.E.J.F. (Pronounced GEH-jiff) Available Right Now?

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable in a sales conversation…
GEJF may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Even in the most challenging conversations or situations, The GEJF Perspective creates a gentle guiding light, leading us toward a brighter future.

To embrace GEJF means you’re looking for more Grace, Ease, Joy, and Flow.

  • The GEJF principle is a catalyst for progress and change.
  • Giving you an undeniable momentum towards solutions. 
  • Without it, challenges can feel as difficult as walking through a mug bog.

That’s the way many of us described sales,  before we discovered the GEJF Principle.


The Journey to GEJF In Challenging Situations

Before you get to GRACE – you’re probably in a grind.

  • Grace manifests as effortless elegance, a divine frequency free from blame, emphasizing humanity.

Before you get to EASE – you’re probably in an effort.

  • Ease transforms challenges into opportunities for growth, embodying the belief that life unfolds for our benefit, not against us.

Before you get to JOY – you’re probably in judgment.

  • Joy, a state of pure delight, invites us to align with its ever-present frequency, infusing playfulness into our challenges.

Before you get to FLOW – you’re probably in fear.

  • Flow is the harmonious convergence of Grace, Ease, and Joy – a natural state of being.

GEJF is a Proactive Practice of Choosing Personal Growth Over Immediate Comfort

Embracing GEJF is embracing growth, even when it means stepping out of your comfort zones. 

  • This may manifest as mental, emotional, or physical discomfort, but it’s a journey we navigate together in this community.

Growth Over Comfort: Embracing the Unfamiliar

  • This philosophy is about a relentless pursuit of growth. 
  • Accepting the natural discomforts of learning and evolving. In both selling skills and personal development. 
  • It’s not just about tolerating discomfort, it’s about reveling in the growth it brings.

And GEJF offers DOUBLE life-benefits. We’ve found…

By embracing the GEJF principle, you’re not only unlocking a pathway to greater business success; you’re also enriching every relationship in your life. Fostering deeper connections and understanding across all your personal and professional interactions.

Principle #3 The Science of Safety

The #1 Question Every Buyer and Seller is Unconsciously Asking…
Am I Safe With The Person I’m Talking To?

We’re constantly reviewing the newest developments in the neuroscience of safety. 

Because understanding how our brain works helps us make better life choices. 

One of the most important topics we study is creating safe spaces in emotionally charged conversations.

Not only for the buyer… but for you too!

Why? Because… If you don’t feel safe in a sales conversation, there’s an excellent chance you are unconsciously passing that same unsafe feeling on to your clients.

As humans, we come into this world wired to connect.

From the moment we take our first breath, we’re on a journey to find comfort and security
– in ourselves, our surroundings, and our interactions with others.

Our autonomic nervous system acts like a vigilant guardian, constantly asking…

Am I safe in this situation? 

Its mission? 

  • To keep us out of harm’s way by constantly sensing the environment for threats or safety.   
  • Tuning into what’s happening within us and around us, as well as in our connections with other people.

This 24/7 scanning for safety cues occurs below our conscious awareness. 

Dr. Stephen Porges, from the Polyvagal Institute, pioneered the understanding of this phenomenon.  And named it “neuroception.”

Humans constantly scan for signs of welcome or cues of danger.

If you enter a sales conversation with fear…

  • You’re unconsciously signaling your potential clients – they should be fearful, too.

But if you enter that same conversation with comfort and confidence.

  • You’re unconsciously signaling your potential clients – they should feel confident and welcome too.

Dr. Porges and the Polyvagal Institute are only a sample of the neuroscience research we follow.

We’re doing everything we can…

To empower you with a new paradigm where you feel as confident and comfortable in the Sales Part of your business as you feel in the Fulfillment Part of your business.

And the study of neuroscience is a big part of creating Sales Safety,  within this new paradigm.

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