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“The Objection Paradox”

Why People Say NO And Why We Love It When They Say It

Are you concerned about objections from potential clients?

Do you worry about getting a “NO” in your sales conversations?

Then you’re going to love our paradox!

I’ll show you why: 

One of the key differences between Ethical Sales and most Traditional Sales is that we do not “handle” objections to get a “yes” in our sales conversations.

Instead, we make objections an active part of our sales flow when talking to a potential client.  

In fact, there are four key areas you should always offer your potential clients a chance to say “no” to:

They are about 1)  time, 2) money, 3) who needs to make the decision, and 4) doubts the four most classic objections a potential client has during a sales conversation. You’ve probably come across them a few times in your own experience!

In Ethical Sales, we offer our potential clients the chance to say “no thank you” during our sales conversations by asking a question tailored to each objection, which incorporates them naturally into the conversation and creates a safe space for everyone involved to come to clarity and a decision that feels fantastic.

If the client says NO in their response to any one of them, we know we do not have an ideal client on our hands – and we get to gracefully move onto our next potential client with gratitude and celebration!

This practice shortens your sales cycle, eliminates pressure on you and your clients, and creates immediate trusting relationships. Plus, it ensures clients who do say “Yes” are aligned, available, and aware of their commitment when they enter into a contract with you. 

And this is why we love receiving a “No” in our sales conversations!

We invite you to imagine the day you have the confidence, skill set, and tools to get the answers to these four vital questions in a conversation that seems as natural as talking to an old friend. It may be closer than you think! 

And, you get peace of mind knowing your clients love you more for asking them.

    1) Q: To inquire about the Time objection, ask, “Do you have the time to fully utilize my services?”

    2) Q: To inquire about the Money objection, ask, “Do you have the money to make the investment?”

    3)Q: To inquire about the Decision-Maker objection, ask, “Are you the sole decision maker, or is anyone else involved? Is there anyone else who will be impacted by this decision?”

    4)Q: To inquire about the Doubts objection, ask, “Do you have any doubts about yourself and completing this program? Any doubts about me, any doubts about my services?”


    Our ESP Amplifier Alumni report these Relationship Benefits from using these questions:


    When you know how to implement these four questions in your sales conversation, you enhance client relationships, optimize your sales process, and enroll more ideal clients who value how you serve. 

    In my opinion, not asking these four vital questions leaves your fulfillment, your client’s success, and your personal enjoyment of the contract up to chance. It also misses an opportunity to establish your authority and develop trust in this potential relationship from the very beginning! 

    Asking them in a way that is sincere and genuine to your style and character is one of the core trainings we teach you how to master in the full ESP Training Program. In other words… you get to be yourself.

    And I think that’s something none of us has objections to!

    Marla Mattenson in collaboration with ESI team
    Founder & Creator of Ethical Sales Institute
    With a 25+ year career, Mattenson is a trailblazer in transforming sales paradigms from transactional to relational for professionals who prioritize the integrity & fulfillment of their services. She is a champion of consent-based sales.


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