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Why People Say NO And Why We Love It When They Say It

Are you concerned about getting objections? 

Does the thought of getting a “NO” in a sales conversation make your head pound and your stomach ache? 

When you know the “4 Reasons People Say NO” – you’re going to start loving objections. 

It’s so important that getting no’s is a strategic part of the Ethical Sales Process (ESP).

Imagine for just a minute you have the CONFIDENCE, SKILL SET, and TOOLS to get the answers to these 4 vital questions in a conversation that seems as natural as talking to an old friend, AND knowing that your clients love you more for asking them.

    1) Q: “Do you have the time to utilize the services I’m selling fully?” 

    2) Q: “Do you have the money to make the investment?”

    3) Q: “Are you the sole decision maker or is someone else involved?”

    4) Q: “Do you have any doubts about yourself and completing this program? Any doubts about me, any doubts about my services?”


    Our ESP Amplifier Alumni Report These Relationship Benefits:


    When you know how to implement these questions in your sales conversation, it enhances client relationships and optimizes your sales process. In my opinion, not asking these 4 vital questions may put you out of integrity.

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