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The Compassionate Connection Method

How Asking For Consent May Become Your New Superpower

Ever felt that jolt of anxiety just before a sales conversation?

You’re not alone.

Sales anxiety affects over 90% of the heartfelt practitioners we work with.

Let’s talk about a game-changer:

The Compassionate Connection Method.

The Compassionate Connection Method is about building trust relationships. 

And guess what? It works.

Here’s the thing: 

When you apply this method, you feel more at ease and stand out in your field. You’ll be one of the few who truly “get it,” and your potential clients and current clients will love you for it. 

And the best part?

Those tricky questions that used to tie your stomach in knots?

They won’t be so scary anymore.


So, what’s this Compassionate Connection Method all about?

It’s simple: Ask for consent.

When you’re wanting to connect with a potential client and go deeper in the sales conversation together about objections, doubts, financial ability — any of those topics that cause us to get anxious before, during, and even after our conversations — pause and ask for explicit consent before you proceed. 

The Compassionate Connection Method is about always asking for consent, and making sure you have your client’s okay before diving into deeper topics.

And it’s about asking for consent not just the first time you speak with them: ask every time.

The Compassionate Connection Method is kind, considerate, and very effective.

Because when you practice is, your clients and potential clients (and anyone you practice this method with) will feel super comfortable with you, and more likely to open up to you with availability to listen, and share. 

Can you see how useful this would be in a sales conversation?

With this method up your sleeve, you’ll always be ready for the next step in the chat – whether you’re talking budgets, plans, or promises. 

You got this.

And here’s a BIG bonus:

When people feel heard, they talk. 

They may even shout your praises from the rooftops… even if they didn’t invest in what you’re offering.

The Compassionate Connection Method isn’t just a neat tool; it’s a new communication method pioneered by the Ethical Sales Institute, based on current brain and safety neuroscience.

It’s designed for everyone wanting to make genuine, heart-to-heart connections – and wishing they could find an authentic and consistent way to take the fear out of having sales conversations. 



The GEJF Lens

Marla Mattenson in collaboration with ESI team
Founder & Creator of Ethical Sales Institute
With a 25+ year career, Mattenson is a trailblazer in transforming sales paradigms from transactional to relational for professionals who prioritize the integrity & fulfillment of their services. She is a champion of consent-based sales.


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