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My Wake-Up Call About My Personal Sales Ethics

I’d like to tell you when I realized I was not an ethical salesperson:

It was 2010. My business was growing, and I knew I had to grow, too.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was in the kitchen talking to a client.

I could sense there was something between us, so I asked her, “Is there any friction between us?”

Her answer stunned me!

She said, “You are intimidating.”

And she felt that intimidation in our business relationship.

That experience took me into a period of deep reflection: If it happened to her, what about the others?

Deep Reflection

I reached out to all my clients and asked: “Is there a single grain of sand between us? Would you please share that with me?”

With their permission, I recorded these conversations to reflect on and feel their insights. I was looking for patterns and throughlines that showed up over and over.

Listening to the calls and looking at my calendar, I discovered when I felt the pressure to earn, I unconsciously put that pressure on my clients,

I learned I often sold with enthusiasm and used people pleasing to get a “yes,” instead of asking the hard questions. I realized some clients felt some shaming from me if they didn’t get a desired result, or they felt I was disappointed in them if they didn’t do things right.

As I listened to those calls, I realized people were blindly following my lead instead of considering their own inner guidance.

That wasn’t what I wanted: I want people to align with something they control, not following my lead.

I want to put the human relationship first, instead of the transaction.

I want a relationship based on mutual respect and caring consideration, and to honor people’s choices and never manipulate people to say “yes” to working with me.

I realized I needed specific written guardrails to keep my integrity on track, and those ethical guardrails became The Trinity of Ethical Sales: the core principles of our community.

Creating the Trinity and founding the Ethical Sales Institute helped me realize there’s a massive amount of Sales Trauma in the world for both buyers and sellers.

Part of our mission is to help people like you recover from that trauma.

Thank you for being here.