What Is Ethical Sales?

Ethical Sales is a compassionate & respectful approach to sales, prioritizing human connections and trust-building over transactions.

This approach transforms the sales experience into a meaningful interaction that aligns with our core values of empathy, integrity, & respect: creating a safe & positive environment for both the seller and the client.

Ethical Sales embodies the principles of our philosophy: The Trinity Of Ethical Sales

Our Philosophy: The Trinity Of Ethical Sales

We believe when entrepreneurs worldwide dare to express themselves wholly in kindness & love, they become beacons of light.

And that light uplifts the world.

To best serve our students, we live by and teach the Ethical Sales philosophy that guides all our work and is the basis of our community.

We call this philosophy The Trinity of Ethical Sales.

1. We Believe in Humans Over Transactions.

Humans Over Transactions means we treat each person we’re in a sales conversation with as a person first.

Rather than merely closing a sale, this tenet emphasizes the value of human connection and building Trust Relationships.

Humans Over Transactions is about understanding and valuing your potential client as a person first and as a revenue stream second.

2. We Believe in Selling The Way You Serve.

Selling The Way You Serve encourages you to maintain the same level of kindness and integrity in your sales process as you do in serving your clients in the fulfillment part of your business.

This includes creating a safe space for both you and your potential clients during the sales conversation for a clear choice to emerge.

3. We Believe in Celebrating Choice.

When we Celebrate Choice, it means that whether a potential client says “yes” or “no” to working with us, we meet their decision respectfully.

Celebrating Choice is the ultimate display of honoring a client’s autonomy.

Our students often get referrals from potential clients who said “No thank you,” because their choice was celebrated and their humanity seen, respected, and honored.

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