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The GEJF Lens

How to have more Grace, Ease, Joy & Flow in your business & personal life

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable in a sales conversation… G.E.J.F. may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

And if you’ve ever been in one of my trainings, communities, masterclasses, Instagram lives, or just talked to me on the phone… you know that whenever I face a challenge in my life, I embrace it by asking myself:

Is more G.E.J.F. available right now?”

G.E.J.F. – pronounced GEH-jiff – stands for Grace, Ease, Joy & Flow.

If you don’t like the acronym, you should have heard me when my love, life & business partner Julian suggested it one morning in 2018!

And now, I love G.E.J.F. – because even in the most challenging conversations or situations, the G.E.J.F. lens creates a gentle guiding light, leading us toward a brighter future where more fun and play abounds.

And fun and play are necessary for professionals, practitioners, and Visionaries to continue creating what this world needs!

How To Have More G.E.J.F. In Your Life

First, let’s define what Grace, Ease, Joy & Flow look like. Your personal definitions may shift this for you, and customization is encouraged!

When you’re practicing G.E.J.F., you’re moving in the world with genuine connectedness to yourself and others in each moment.

Whether connection looks like enjoyment, motivation, hope, aligned action, health, the ability to feel your feelings, or do a hard thing that has been holding you back… G.E.J.F. is always available as a path to more uplift and intuition for your next guided step forward.

To practice having more G.E.J.F. in your life, I invite you to ask yourself “Is more G.E.J.F. available right now?” in the next challenging situation you are in:

The G.E.J.F. lens is a catalyst for progress and change. It provides you with undeniable momentum towards solutions.

It’s not just about tolerating discomfort, it’s about reveling in the growth it brings as you step out of your comfort zones — whether that manifests as mental, emotional, or physical discomfort.

G.E.J.F. is a proactive practice of choosing personal growth over immediate comfort.

Without G.E.J.F., challenges can feel as difficult as walking through a mug bog.

(In fact, that’s the way many of us described sales before we discovered the G.E.J.F.​​ lens).

This philosophy is about accepting the natural discomforts of learning and evolving, whether that’s in your selling skills or personal development (at the Ethical Sales Institute, these are the same thing!).

And by embracing the G.E.J.F. lens, you’re not only unlocking a pathway to greater business success, you’re also enriching every relationship in your life: fostering deeper connections and understanding across all your personal and professional interactions.

Marla Mattenson in collaboration with ESI team
Founder & Creator of Ethical Sales Institute
With a 25+ year career, Mattenson is a trailblazer in transforming sales paradigms from transactional to relational for professionals who prioritize the integrity & fulfillment of their services. She is a champion of consent-based sales.


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